2019: Student Seminar in Theoretical Physics
(Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Coordinator for the course. Tuesdays 9 – 12 in the Theory Lounge.

  • Nonperturbative approaches to 1+1D field theories (coordinator seminars)
    Some incomplete notes for this part of course can be found here
  • Black holes physics (student seminars)
  • Resummation in QCD (student seminars)
  • Supersymmetry in field theory (student seminars)

2018: Student Seminar in Theoretical Physics
(Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Assistant for the course Three Facets of One-Dimensional Physics (a required course for UvA Master’s program in Theoretical Physics). The course covered:

  • Abelian bosonization
  • The Bethe ansatz
  • Conformal field theory

I gave a six hour “crash course” series of lectures on conformal field theory: Notes from the course (scanned + handwritten, note 30Mb!)

As part of the course, students completed a project on problems in the literature. Many of these were directed/supervised/suggested by myself. A list of the projects, and the final summaries from students (click “mini-digests”) can be found on the webpage.


2011/12 and 2012/13: C6 Theoretical Physics
(University of Oxford)

Problems class tutor (full year, ~15 students) for the final year theory option in the MPhys Physics course.

Topics including:

  • Path integrals in quantum mechanics
  • Quantum many-body systems
  • Phase transitions and critical phenomena
  • Stochastic processes
  • Classical field theory
  • Canonical quantisation
  • Basics of quantum field theory

Here is the current course webpage.